Be efficient. 1-click to see & control your user's screen.

Provide the outstanding Customer Support your team dream of.

✔️1 Month Free Trial ✔️No credit card required

✔️After, 59€/month + 9€ p/additional agent 

The Ultimate Customer Support Tool

Solve issues faster

Prevent the back-and-forth e-mails, chat and even videocalls. Sideby empowers your team and makes them solve issues 3X faster.

Happier clients

 Be as efficient as your users dreams you to be. Delight them with a quick guided session that only takes one click. It's simple and fast. Make them smile!

Increase retention

Instead of wasting time with emails, chat, or videocalls, guide them in real-time. Deliver a higher quality support, which is key to reducing churn rate.

Increase conversion

Make your clients understand how to use your product or solve any othe doubt. Make them see your value quickly, which is key to convert more! 

Cobrowsing for SaaS companies

Why Sideby?

Customer Support takes endless back-and-forth conversations, e-mails, calls, that's where co-browsing brings an eficcient solution. 

With Sideby you could browse with your user in 1-click, control their screen and guide them as you are sitting side-by-side with them.

Solve any issue 3X faster. It is fast, safe and easy for both sides!

What makes Sideby different?

The days of logging into TeamViewer and Zoom are over. Make your online customer service a side-by-side experience in real-time. Solve issues instantaneously. 

And you can keep using your current Customer Support tools, Sideby is complementary. A great match! 


Zero setup for your users
Just 1-script setup for you
Control the user's browser in 1-click
User's never have to leave your site
No access outside the browser = safer
The user's desktop remains private

How it works

1. Find your user in real-time

See who is online and find any specific user in seconds.

2. Watch their screen 

Watch their screen in real-time without installations.

3. Invite them to browse together

Take the control of their screen when needed (Easy & Safe: we hide all your user's sensible information)

4. Solve their issues

Guide them through your product in 1-click.

Works everywhere

Help your clients regardless of which browser they use. Sideby works with the latest technologies and frameworks, ensuring you don't miss anything.


✔️1 Month Free Trial

✔️No credit card required

✔️Afterwards, 59€/month + 9€ p/additional agent

Ready to solve issues 3X faster?

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